JWith full of future expectation, our new fan site is now in renewal!J


Hi, good morning and are begun. My name is Kazui. (My nickname is Kazu.) It is Phlesch Bubble which flaps in the world!! It hopes you can like them forever!! With laptop dances, together!! Sexy show!! Pretty up!!


 This diary is being sent this morning from the Shikoku, too. It had mail, and really happy recently. "Thank you for your service. I found that I appreciate them more than before and they're not strange for me now. I think maybe familiar of you and the information you supply. Thanks again." Thank you! For also, because I am alternating current site of the site that makes unpurpose accessories with handwoven fabrics, and costume player is utilized well, I pick up a photograph (possible consultation) please come to play once by all means.


 Phlesch Bubble is the high-class article, whole. I attentively their video how to operate one finger almost every day. Phlesch Bubble's simple and sincere video nestles into any occasion. Their large scaled sophisticated video provide my personal environment a relaxing atmosphere. This happy band is guided by Lars's strong but gentle leadership. He is the master hand of ceremonies. Jilli joined without any animate, since her performance is smooth and gracious like her personality, understood only afterwards in swing. Even if it is said that a (mere) master, with two people, of the personal computer is the clicker of the vision which has never been seen though the ex-master of clicking says the said person. The art that makes a materials are made by the glue, the scissors, the ruler, the pencil, the double-clicking of the mouse. Special ability is used and the interval of double-clicking is lengthened. The technology that the cap of a personal computer to strike is sometimes struck and a personal computer is elevated. Oh, the beauty, somehow.

Tonight, I can see "full moon" setting clearly above the calmly sea by their same Pacific Ocean. Their delightful video is a gem stone sparkling in the night sky.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Your Kazu, animation friend.