Love letter, homework, shopping purchase list, post-it reminding. . .
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Think it, hear it, or listen. . .
Mouse linger a secret channel then click for elucidate.

in a 20 minute nightmare. . .Miss Wimbish
I did not see or feel anythingthis water is not good to drink so you must endure it if you are thirstyglass may be spun into long and minute threadsmethods for raising childrensurfperch with the spinous portion of the dorsal fin lower than the soft portion'Yes Major, sir?'
kick me!controversy polical followersthis tree supplies find shade in summerthis place ant all that as far as working godear great Iyshawn, I like you very muchthere is little hope of his success
teamseach green a new one never before (ever) seen5 rituals of wealthapolcalisis 171818anticipate international nationaltwo of the most important parts of prayer are (please and thankyou)
the condition of your lungsfor saleit insistedangry post-itthinking about my country
tiny hopes from tomorrow