Because English can't be spoken, this page is translating the page of Japanese into English by translation software. Though English may not be introduced well, it thinks that Japanese information is introduced at all. It thinks that there is a meaning indistinct sentence, although it is readjusting English page with the low English capability extremely. It isn't confident of the English power. It becomes hard. By the very poor thing at English, and it is being written. It apologizes heartily towards a word which is hardly understanding, although a sentence. A renewal pace is asked though it may be slow. It is grateful if you could transmit a correct sentence me with E-mail, if the sentence that you are wrong is discovered. I request it very much your cooperation. Thank you! I am waiting for the opinion, impression, proposal etc. with regard to this page. I think that I want to make use of it to contents improvement of this page from now on. Please utilize me now readily, because it is becoming a questionnaire form, by all means. It is the request of cooperation to everybody.

English : Is a word the reward which it worked for and which wasn't memorized, too?

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An illustration was finally completed!! I want to move hope more delicately, however, I can do it only this degree. Is it cute? Can you write it properly? It thinks that it could be written well by itself. The "Operating Manual for Spaceship Uterus" was written, too. See it well. It is a little sexy. It doesn't have contrivances seen with the illustration in the neighborhood, and it thinks that it is very much disappointed. It is very envious of the person who if could be seen in the neighborhood. The person who sees the illustration is to enjoy the person who couldn't go with this illustration, too.


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